Take your boxing to the next level!  You'll learn from my vast experience as undefeated professional boxer with 7 British national titles, a Bronze Olympic medal, and European gold medal.   

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About Tony Jeffries

I designed this online course to help you become a real master at boxing.  Don't worry, no matter what level you are currently at, you'll improve your skills. I don’t hold anything back: watch my simple, effective demonstrations and listen to all the tips I share. You will benefit from all my knowledge garnered over many years as a boxer and coach. I’ll help you reach your full potential as a boxer and to also become the best version of yourself!

 I won a Bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics, gained 7 British national titles and a European gold medal and was undefeated professional boxer. I co-own two Los Angeles boxing gyms, Box ‘N Burn, I also educate personal trainers at my Academy programs, and also train athletes and celebrities.

The demand for my expertise has gotten crazy! Each month, I get asked 1000's of technical boxing questions and requests for personal training.

There are not enough hours in the day for me to help everyone in-person, so I decided to share everything I've learned in these affordable HD video packages.   I want you to be able to experience how it feels to train with me and learn from my expertise - from anywhere in the world at budget friendly prices!



You'll learn:

  •  How to punch harder making your opponent wary of being hit by you
  •  How to punch faster to help you "hit and not be hit"
  •  How to work and hold inside to keep your opponent afraid of mixing it up
  •  How to wrap hands for ultimate protection
  •  Ringcraft, how to move forward and backward to get your opponent where you want him
  • How to punch harder and make your opponent wary of being hit by you  
  •  How to land that body shot hard
  •  How to effectively feint and get your opponent to do what you want him to do
  •  Tactics on how to fight a southpaw and win
  • Plus a lot more!


You'll learn:

  • How to improve footwork speed
  • How to cut down the range
  • How to perfect the uppercut
  • How to shoulder spar
  • How to train your in-ring intelligence
  • How to do multiple phase attacks
  • How to change the angle
  • Faster hand, eye, and foot coordination
  • How to bob and weave under punches
  • How to punch hard from being in-close
  • How to work inside
  • How to improve your overall vision and speed
  • How to increase your overall agility
  • Improve your head movement


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